Animal Rights



Action For Animals - registered charity which aims to prevent animal cruelty and suffering worldwide.

Alive - working for animal protection and welfare law reform in Japan.

Alliance for Animals - increases public awareness of animal abuse.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - dedicated to alleviating pain, fear and suffering in animals.

Animal Aid - UK campaigning group against all animal cruelty. Information about experiments, factory farming, captivity, humane research, vegetarianism.

Animal Alliance of Canada - non-profit organization seeks to achieve long-term animal protection through public education and legislative advocacy.

Animal Consciousness Foundation - aim is to change the attitudes of humans towards other animals by demonstrating that they are more similar to each other than they think.

Animal Defense League - New Jersey - information on animal liberation including veganism, recipes, nutrition, circuses, fur, leather, wool, and legal resources for activists.

Animal Defense League - Rochester, NY

Animal Freedom - dedicated to finding legal ways to end factory farming. Also in Dutch.

Animal Legal Defense Fund - takes direct legal action to protect animals from exploitation and abuse. Works to establish legal rights for animals.

Animal Legislative Action Network - politcal action committee dedicated to the establishment of rights for animals through participation in the political process.

Animal Liberation NSW - one of Australia's high-profile animal rights organisations.

Animal Liberation Victoria - protects the rights of non-human animals.

Animal Protection Institute - advocacy organization working through litigation, education, and publications to protect all animals. Includes links to program areas, publications, and the Action Alert Team.

Animal Rescue Project - describes the bad sitiuation for animals in Puttaparthi (India).

Animal Responsibility Cyprus - volunteer group who educates the public on animal welfare, proper animal care and animal protection.

Animal Rights Counterculture - includes original, freely-distributable songs, stories, and poems about animal rights.

Animal Rights Direct Action Coalition - uses non-violent methods to fight for animal liberation.

Animal Welfare Council - supports the use of animals in recreation, entertainment, sport and industry and is dedicated to advancing responsible care and humane treatment.

Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) - concerned with trapping methods, humane treatment of lab and farm animals, protection and preservation of endangered species, and marine animal protection.

AnimalKind - working to improve the status of animal protection world-wide through education, training and legislation.

Animals Aid - non profit organization for animal shelter and aid.

Animals Australia - Australian arm of the Australian and New Zealand Federation of Animal Societies Inc. (ANZFAS). Functions as a federation of animal welfare groups and publishes Animals Today, a quarterly magazine.

Animals in Mind - UK based charity dealing with the mental welfare of companion animals.

Ark Trust Inc., The - non-profit animal rights organization dedicated to erradicating animal cruelty through the powerful voice of the media.

Asian Animal Protection Network - exchanging information and mutual support on animal issues in the Asian region. 
Animal Rights Resource Site - clearinghouse for net-based information.

Animal Rights - information on factory farming, animal experimentation, and vegetarianism.

Adopt A Cow - the Gita-nagari farm community gives you a chance to help spread the principle of cow protection.

Andromeda's Animal Rights Page - includes topics such as laboratory testing and vegetarianism.

Animal Abuse Report Registry (AARR)

Animal Alert News - helps you help animals by alerting you to instances of abuse and critical needs, then indicating what simple actions you can take.

Animal Rights - information on factory farming, animal experimentation, and vegetarianism.

Animal Rights Resource Site - clearinghouse for net-based information.

Animal Welfare Resource Site of Ireland

AnimalCruelty.com - a Shockwave presentation to educate viewers on issues of animal cruelty and motivate them to act.


Beauty Without Cruelty India - work in the area of animal rights. Includes Compassionate Friend, a quarterly journal.

BrightEyes Society - lobbying the Regional Government of Andalucía to force it to introduce animal protection laws in the Region.

Brigitte Bardot Foundation - works for the protection of animal life and in the defense of animal rights.


Cat Crossing - dedicated to improving the status of animals in our society.

Cebu Animal Welfare Society - Philippines - working to protect and promote the welfare of endemic wild animals, companion, and captive animals.

CHAI: Concern for Helping Animals in Israel - a non-profit organization formed in the United States to assist Israel's animal protection community in improving the condition and treatment of Israel's animals.

Coalition Against Greyhound Exploitation (CAGE) - not for profit, Christian organization dedicated to abolishing all forms of Greyhound exploitation through education and positive political action.

Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade - grassroots organization dedicated to saving fur bearing animals and ending the fur trade.

Compassion in World Farming - investigates, and campaigns against, the suffering and cruelty to animals inherent in factory farming.

Compassion Over Killing - COK is a national animal rights activist network whose main function is organizing protests against animal exploiters such as furriers and fast food restaurants.
Canine Situation in Spain - offers information about the atrocities against Spanish podencos, greyhounds, and hunting dogs in Spain.

Cruelty to Animals - dogs and cats in China.


Defenders of Animals - provides assistance to sick, injured, and homeless animals, and defends the rights of both companion animals and wildlife through education and activism.

Doris Day Animal League - information about Spay Day USA, pending animal legislation, and companies whose products are "manufactured with compassion."

Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - request for help. Possible closure of the DSPCA due to lack of funds.
Dawn Animal World News/Media Watch - provides information on vegetarianism and animal rights to encourage media activism.

Dog and Cat Fur Investigation - Humane Society - documentary about dog and cat fur being used in the fur trade.


Educators For Animal Rights - providing extensive information about humane education and laws in the United States, and animal rights, for educators, students, and advocates.

ENPA - Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali: informazioni utili sui diritti degli animali (ENPA is a non-profit Italian organization devoted to animal protection).
EarthBase - Animal rights related photography and information.


Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM) - promotes rights of farm animals, vegetarianism, and environmental consciousness. Programs include the Great American Meatout and World Farm Animals Day.

Farm Sanctuary - a national, non-profit organization dedicated to ending the exploitation of animals used for food production.

Federal Association Against Vivisection - People for Animal Rights - An association of more than 100 regional and nation-wide organizations in Germany, working for the recognition of fundamental rights for animals.

Federated Humane Societies of Pennsylvania - includes listings of member societies, links and information on pending legislation having an impact on animals in the state.

Feminists for Animal Rights - dedicated to ending all forms of abuse against women and animals.

Florida Animal Disaster Planning Advisory Committee (ADPAC) - ad hoc group of organizations and individuals interested in protecting animals from natural disasters.

Friends Of Animals - international organization working to protect animals, with major programs to stop the poaching of African elephants, and campaigns against hunting, trapping and fur.
Factory Farming



Hugs for Homeless Animals - dedicated to improving the lives of homeless or displaced animals.

Humane Education Network - advocates the humane treatment of animals and educates the public about animal abuse to end suffering. Provides the Animals in Laboratories Information Service (ALIS) database.

Humane Farming Association - dedicated to the protection of farm animals. Includes information on factory farming, veal, dairy cows, the pork industry, animal refuge and more.

Humane Society of Canada - protecting the rights of animals in Canada and around the world.


In Defense of Animals - national animal advocacy organization dedicated to ending the institutionalized exploitation and abuse of animals by defending their rights, welfare and habitat.

In Defense of Earth and Animals (IDEA) - animal rights and environmental organization.

Infurmation - offers information and journal articles on the international fur trade and its impact on animal welfare and conservation.

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) - promoting and ensuring the just and kind treatment of animals as sentient beings.
Indirect Abuse to Animals



Kids For Greyhounds - It is our mission to educate all people that we come in contact with of the plight of the racing greyhound.
Kansas' Rattlesnake Roundups - addresses environmental and cruelty issues.


Last Chance for Animals - dedicated to reducing exploitation of animals across a variety of issues.

Lega Italiana dei Diritti dell'Animale (LIDA) - informazioni essenziali per il riconoscimento giuridico dei diritti naturali dell'animale e notizie, in particolare, sul conflitto di diritti tra uomini e animali.
Lan Shark's AR Essay collection

Liberation - seeks to address the issues crucial to stopping the exploitation of animals and the planet.


Malcolm Cat Protection Society - Cyprus - a sanctuary for over 150 cats and kittens.
Manual of Animal Rights

Meat.org - pro-vegetarian site with graphic images of slaughterhouses and descriptions of the realities of killing animals for food.


National Animal Trust, The - local organisation and registered charity involved in the welfare of animals. Our primary aim is to place unwanted pet animals into new homes.

Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN) - includes information about testing on animals, veganism, and a Seattle vegetarian restaurant guide.
National Veal Ban Action - dedicated to exposing and ending the tragedy of veal calves.

No Fishing.net - get hooked on compassion.

NoDowners.org - information on federal, state and local efforts to protect downed animals from abuse.


One Big Barn - dedicated to the protection of neglected and abused farm animals, education of the public about such abuses, and promotion of a compassionate vegan lifestyle.

Orange County People for Animals - information on vivisection, vegetarianism, animal rights, and pet overpopulation.

Organizations and Resources on the Web - animal-rights directory from the EnviroLink Network.
Orcas in Captivity - reference to the number of known orcas in captivity and those which have died.


PawSafe Animal Rescue's Electronic Shelter

People for Animal Rights (PAR) of Syracuse and Central New York - group that talks and educates about animal rights, protecting the earth, lobbying, some protests, and we host some vegetarian dinners.

Pet Assistance Foundation, South Bay Chapter - lots of animal links, spay/neuter issues, pet adoption opportunities, and much more.

Progressive Animal Welfare Society - PAWS - creating peaceful coexistence between animals and humans through wildlife rehabilitation, campanion animal shelter, and animal advocacy.

Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PSYETA) - an independent association of psychologists dedicated to the promotion of animal welfare within and through psychology.



Richmond Animal Rights Network - dedicated to the promotion of animal rights, vegetarianism, and the elimination of cruelty to animals.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - official site; includes advice on campaigning, pet care, careers, and how to help this UK charity.
Rattlesnake Roundups

Rescued Pit Fighters - against dog fighting in any breed and style. See and read about Driveby, a rescued fighting Pit Bull.


Sanctuary For Animals - tax-deductible charitable organization that provides permanent homes to animals in need.

Sled Dog Action Coalition - committed to improving the lives of Iditarod sled dogs and providing information about their treatment.

Sound Horse Organization - opposed to the soring and abuse of the Tennessee Walking show horse.

Speak - animal rights and environmental education speakers' bureau promoting a vegetarian diet and working for animal welfare.
Scruffy's Story - an abused little dog suffers a final atrocity.

Shark Finning - fishmd.com's effort to put a halt to the slaughter of sharks for their fins.


the-wally-project.org - studying and promoting humane solutions to stray pet problems.

Tokitae Foundation - working towards the release of Lolita, the killer whale at the Miami Seaquarium.


United Poultry Concerns [UPC] - non-profit organization promoting the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl in laboratories, classrooms, factory farms, and entertainment.

Utah Animal Rights Coalition - fighting for the rights of animals and promoting a vegan diet in Utah and nationwide. With online catalog of vegan and animal liberation t-shirts and buttons.


Voice for Animals
Vegetarians International Voice for Animals

Visit to a Slaughterhouse


Wildlife Action Group (WAG) - dedicated to stopping all trade in wild animals, and protecting wildlife in the Southern African sub-region.

World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) - news, features, press notices, action points and fundraising ideas on animal welfare, disaster relief and conservation throughout the world.
World Animal Net - resource site for animal protection, includes a directory of animal protection groups.




Zoophiliac Animal Sex Abuse Information Resource Site - education, awareness, and promotion of legislation against a form of abuse perpetrated on animals known as zoophilia or bestiality.